BrightStar Care Homes StephenS

This BrightStar Care Home in Boise, Idaho offers a solution to the challenge many families experience when looking for a transitional space from their own home when needing care, or when looking for an alternative to the larger, more institutional-style senior living facilities found in most markets.

The home features 10 private bedrooms and many community spaces to enjoy, both the beautiful outdoors that Idaho offers as well as the more personal interactions that are possible within this setting. Positioned in a quiet neighborhood with a cottage-like interior, residents feel an immediate warmth when entering the home. The layout offers open site lines for caregivers to tend to the resident’s needs, and countless opportunities for interaction and joy.

Boise, ID
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
5,371 SF
Owner & Operator:
Caroline Moore
Jeff Hatch
Interior Design Firm:
CMoore Homes, LLC
Bill Garrett

The surrounding neighborhood and community are an important piece of what makes this feel welcoming to the resident. We want the design to blend in which is why garage doors are featured on the storage space making it look more residential with rocking chairs and flower hanging baskets on the porch. 

This design was to serve the dementia resident while making them feel cared for and comfortable. The use of colors that were warm and bright, keep ceiling heights lower so things so don’t feel overwhelming with many opportunities for personal space or community interaction as preferred. 

Our large bathrooms feature roll in showers, natural skylights, and personal cubbies for resident belongings. Covered outdoor patios and decks allow families to enjoy time with their loved ones. Bright spaces like Rocking Chair Alley and the sun room offer large windows and views of the outdoors.