Cedarhurst Senior Living is an operator of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Personal Care, and Memory Care communities with the goal of developing, constructing, owning, and operating high-quality senior housing. Their mission is to create communities where each person feels loved, valued, supported, and able to live to the fullest. Dover Development approached Vessel Architecture & Design with the task of reimagining their existing prototype community and helping them get into more competitive markets. It wasn’t just that the design needed a refresh, they wanted to completely rethink how they were creating their buildings. Through a thorough schematic design process, Cedarhurst of Topeka was envisioned.

Topeka, KS
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
75,944 SF
Dover Development
Cedarhurst Senior Living
Vessel Architecture
Interior Design Firm:
Dover Development
Brahms Construction

This main lobby space serves as the central concourse of the community. It unifies the community areas, drawing inspiration from a town square layout, where the bistro, salon, fitness center, theater, dining and living rooms, and reception can be reached from this pivotal, central location. Although it is one large room, the grand fireplace creates a natural distinction between the two spaces. The living room offers lounge seating and a TV, while the lobby is a more formal space where residents can relax or greet their guests. The memory care wing features its own set of amenities and serves as a welcoming place where residents can enjoy each other’s company.

The formal dining room was designed to provide assisted living residents with a comfortable and welcoming space to enjoy meals and socialize with others. Large tables offer a place for residents to welcome their family and friends for a meal. The casual dining area is spacious, yet quaint. It is separated from the formal area by the booth, and from the corridor by glass panes, allowing for a defined space that an open feel.

The bistro space allows memory care residents to feel like they are dining out at a café, while remaining safe and comfortable within the community.

A private dining area is offered off the main dining area in the Assisted Living portion of the community. It’s secluded, but still feels like part of the community, offering space for families to dine together in a more private setting. This space can also be used for smaller events.

The in-unit living and kitchen spaces provide residents with their own area to comfortably reside. They can truly make their area a home, bringing a personal touch to each unit. Spacious bedrooms allow residents to feel at home in their new home. Each unit has its own bathroom, allowing residents comfort and privacy in the day-to-day.

A dedicated salon in the community allows residents to enjoy its services without the need to leave the comfort of their home. The Assisted Living community room is a crucial space designed to enhance the overall well-being and quality of life for residents. It serves as a hub for social interaction, recreational activities, and various events. The design of the Assisted Living lounge is intended to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for residents. The built-in casework equips residents with a task space. Finally, residents can engage in a wide range of activities in this Assisted Living Activity Room. The open layout and moveable furniture and equipment can accommodate various activities and group sizes. Glass panes allow natural light to flood the room, in an area where a real window was not possible.