Dementia Care & Education Campus

The campus attempts to provide authentic connection between residents, family, nature, and the surrounding community. That connection helps preserve the residents’ sense of self and helps to combat isolation, misunderstanding and fear about dementia.

The site was chosen because of its proximity to community institutions as well as single family homes. Adjacent to the site, there are two churches to the north, a high school to the east, and the Arcadia neighborhood to the south. Arcadia is an established community with a tradition of activism and cohesiveness. The operator hopes to lessen the stigma around dementia and provide state of the art care for residents as they progress through the disease.

The Education Building accommodates groups of caregivers, first responders, and families who want to learn about dementia and providing care for loved ones. An underground garage provides parking for large groups, and the high school and local universities participate in care training.

The architecture is unique because it supports resident choice without obtrusive control devices. This helps the environment feel more like a home than an institution.

Phoenix, AZ
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
44,000 SF (+ 32,000 SF UG Parking)
Hospice of the Valley
Hospice of the Valley
Lizard Rock Designs, LLC
Interior Design Firm:
Hospice of the Valley
PCG Construction

The Assisted Living Common Room accommodates living and dining with separate spaces for more intimate conversations with family. Residents in Palliative Care are further along in the progression of dementia. The common room provides a place for family members to get a break from being in the resident’s room and to talk with caregivers and counselors.

The program includes Adult Day Care, Child Care, Assisted Living, and Palliative Care. Buildings are organized like a small village around a courtyard to allow residents the freedom to choose where to go in a safe environment.