hawkins creek assisted living & memory care

The renovation of Hawkins Creek Assisted Living & Memory Care was prompted by several key factors, all aimed at enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the facility. The existing furniture had become outdated over time, necessitating a refresh to create a more modern and inviting atmosphere. The facility’s occupancy rates were lower than desired, indicating a need to revitalize the space to attract more residents and improve the overall living experience. The existing paint and flooring contributed to a darker ambiance, which didn’t align with the desired atmosphere of a welcoming and well-lit senior living environment. The window coverings didn’t match the existing interior finishes, creating a sense of inconsistency and prompting the need for a cohesive design. The rejuvenated living spaces have undoubtedly contributed to a more appealing and welcoming environment for residents, aligning with the community’s goal of providing high-quality assisted living and memory care services in a comfortable and modern setting.

Longview, TX
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
42,080 SF
Frontier Senior Living
Interior Design Firm:
Lux Manufacturing Group
Lux Manufacturing Group

In the main lobby, lighter colors in paint and trim brighten up the room. New carpet that compliments the new color scheme sits under coordinating comfortable armchairs and a couch. New floor lamps elevate the look. This sitting area features a revamped fireplace, updated paint on the walls and trim to lighten the room, new wall art, new armchairs and new carpet.

The Assisted Living dining room also received an updated color palette with lighter paint hues on the walls and trim. The furniture was updated to a more contemporary style, the linoleum floors replaced with wood, and the light fixtures were updated with simple but modern chandeliers. The artwork was also updated with bold, colorful paintings. Old countertops were exchanged for granite and curtains were replaced with more tasteful top curtains that complimented the paint.

In the Memory Care dining room, paint is a lighter color palette, and the room includes wood flooring, contemporary tables, cushioned seating, addition of a bar area and new cabinetry.

The introduction of a new cinema space was appreciated by residents. Ten deep cushion armchair are rowed in front of a new flatscreen on freshly installed carpet. New paint and trim brighten up the space.

Common areas were refurnished to enhance functionality, optimizing the use of each room for the benefit of residents. The Activity Room’s redesign includes new millwork, off-white paint, wood floors, large tables, comfortable modern chairs, fresh artwork, and a popcorn machine.