Marquette – Health Center

The Health Center renovation has greatly enhanced the quality of life for residents of Marquette. These newly renovated spaces seamlessly incorporate a variety of luxurious and functional design features which have helped team members provide top-of-the-line services and high-quality care.

The design team collaborated with the healthcare administrative leaders, and marketing and care teams.  The focus group meetings allowed them to share their visions, and to also become one another’s champion.  The main core spaces critical to the care team’s day-to-day planning were at bare minimum.  The group found themselves having to be creative and to utilize rooms and resources that still fell short of supporting their everyday operating needs.

In the words of the client, “Marquette residents and team members are thrilled with the redesigned spaces.  Residents have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of the finishes and redesigned entry points.  Similarly, Marquette team members enjoy working in an environment that is clean, comfortable, and functional for everyday use. Most importantly, the redesign has helped the Marquette team focus on what they do best – providing quality care and services to the residents!”

Indianapolis, IN
Date of Completion:
June 2022
Project Size (Sq. ft)
80,146 SF

Entrance Before | After

LCS Development
THW Design
Interior Design Firm:
THW Design
Capitol Construction Services, Inc.

Existing Care Before | After

To provide the care team, residents and remaining campus with an updated, welcoming Health Center that no longer feels institutional and dysfunctional, thus, enabling Marquette’s team to focus on what they do best – providing quality care and services to the residents!

The temperate California climate also encourages an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, inspiring our members to enjoy
outdoor dining and lounging next to the fireplace in our courtyard.

Lounge Before | After

The design team’s collaboration with healthcare, marketing and care teams was key. The focus group meetings allowed them to share their vision and champion for one another.

Designed to offer each member an elevated and engaged life, including the Elegant Palmer Library and Lobby.

Resident Lounge Before | After

Upgrading the Dining, Lounges & Activities areas created an inviting & relaxing environment for the residents and care team, & makes them feel appreciated and cared about. With OT/PT being crucial to recovery and day-to-day functioning, the new uplifting environment promotes consistent attendance.

Dining Before | After