morningstar at laurelhurst

Nestled in the heart of Portland’s historic Laurelhurst neighborhood, MorningStar’s design is a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. Inspired by the neighborhood’s vintage homes, lush greenery, and eclectic ambiance, the 146,000 square foot building bridges the gap between urban vibrancy and residential tranquility. This five-story community’s design tells a distinct story on each level through its unique color scheme and wayfinding elements. For instance, the level with blue carpeting is adorned with artwork showcasing tranquil ocean views, while the level with orange carpeting features natural florals and a landscape theme. The design serves as a testament to the seamless integration of contemporary senior living into a historically rich and vibrant community.

Portland, OR
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
146,000 SF
MorningStar Senior Living
MorningStar Senior Living
Ankrom Moisan
Interior Design Firm:
Thoma-Holec Design

The foyer features a mix use of detailed millwork, natural stone and brick that brings depth and texture while channeling the fun and vintage ambiance of the area. Wall coverings, carpet and window treatments were carefully selected to work together to create an eclectic environment. Black metal light fixtures, stair rails and tile bring a sleek modern feel to the space.

The Reflections Room in Memory Care serves as a lounge, tv room, and life skill station. With large windows facing the outdoor garden, we pulled in the lush greenery by introducing emerald green tones within the fabrics, wall coverings, and subway tile. Providing a tranquil ambiance while the decorative light fixtures and integrated LED cove lighting illuminates the space at a comfortable light level for the residents.

The bright colors and fun wallpaper in the Art Room was selected to give residents a space where they can explore their creativity.

A vibrant color palette and geometric patterns gives the Fitness Center an energetic feel to inspire residents to stay active.

The Theater/Activity Room is a cozy place to enjoy a movie or church service, with a mural indicating streets of the surrounding areas.

The Salon has a soft pallet with light wood, herringbone floors and storefront windows looking onto the commercial street.

The multifunctional Life Enrichment Room plays host to various community activities and events.

This Model Studio Unit showcases a tranquil ambiance, with soft bedding and lounge seating. Artwork celebrates Portland’s floral and cycling culture. A vibrant pop of color in the bathroom adds a playful touch while meeting ADA standards with contrast against grab bars.

The main dining area is a mix of detailed millwork, elegant wall coverings and custom artwork displaying Portland’s Skyline made of Chain Links visible towards the back of this space.

There is also a private dining space that shines with eclectic wallcoverings, bronze sophisticated light fixtures, and wall hanging plants to bring a biophilic element.