Revera Hollyburn House​

The Revera Hollyburn House renovation is an excellent example of creating an experience that is specifically tailored to its unique community. The common areas at Hollyburn were underutilized and dysfunctional, and the space held a fragmented identity that failed to represent West Vancouver and its people. Hollyburn needed to rise as a landmark that fostered connection, freedom, renewal, and growth, showcasing its uniquely beautiful natural landscapes, echoing its history and representing its diverse peoples.​ The renovations have cultivated new life in the lobby and lounge areas as Hollyburn House staff and residents continue to thrive in their renewed space. With the West Vancouver culture and landscape now woven throughout the design, communal areas are a daily draw for residents and families seeking intimate conversations and growing connections.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada​
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
25,500 SF

Reception Before | After

Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning​
Interior Design Firm:
Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning​
Scott Construction​

Lobby Lounge Before | After

An iconic art deco landmark, the Lions Gate Bridge spans across Burrard Inlet with its rising columns and striking web of cabling connecting this community to Vancouver. Built in 1937, the bridge emerged as a symbol of connectivity, freedom, and renewal; a beloved feature of the shoreline. The local forests have a majestic beauty. Dense groves of cedar, hemlock and fir abound, with numerous protected watersheds running downhill between residential homes. Rows of oak trees line the streets, covering the ground with colorful leaves underfoot in the fall. Our goal was to capture the architectural and natural elements together.

The temperate California climate also encourages an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, inspiring our members to enjoy
outdoor dining and lounging next to the fireplace in our courtyard.

Breakfast Bistro Before | After

As we approached the renovation, it was critical to embody the local architecture, culture and landscape. The interior design drew from, and was inspired by, the art-deco-era Lions Gate Bridge and its historical and cultural impact, and the spectacular ancient forests and beaches that characterize West Vancouver.  From the etched bridge cable patterns in the millwork and columns, to the carpet inspired by the old-growth forest floor, to the post-prohibition era secret door in the dining room, to the sand and ocean tones in the fabrics, the design elements and colour palette work together to pull the exterior landscape and community through the interior experience. In respectful acknowledgment of Indigenous lands, we commissioned artwork from a local Squamish First Nation artisan to celebrate the strength and resilience of Hollyburn House’s elders.

Designed to offer each member an elevated and engaged life, including the Elegant Palmer Library and Lobby.

Cypress Room Before | After

As a cheeky nod to the post-prohibition era, we created a secret door concealed in custom millwork in the private dining room, The Cypress Room. Also, since the residents prefer active debate and discussion, over passive activity like television, we created several nooks and alcoves of all sizes to accommodate small groupings for interpersonal communication.

Main Dining Room Before | After

Hosting several user group and stakeholder sessions, it was essential to capture the needs of the staff and residents through every milestone. In addition, designers intentionally engaged in one-on-one informal conversations, listening to the underlying hopes and fears the redesign of their living environment would bring, and understanding the value of their diverse histories. This enabled a holistic voice to speak significantly into the final design, creating a home that is welcoming for all users and visitors of the Hollyburn community.

Salon Before | After

Nurturing the resident’s desires for meaningful interaction, we opened up the existing floorplan and created intimate gathering areas within the larger spaces, incorporating prospect and refuge, while improving access, flow, and utilization. The relocation of reception resulted in a more welcoming first impression, improving wayfinding and encouraging interactions with staff, residents, and guests. The library, café, and theatre provide different styles of interactions for the residents and the community. Every resident can find something that suits their needs, and the revitalized amenities encourage and welcome the community to engage with them.

Theatre Before | After

The renovations have cultivated new life in the lobby and lounge areas as Hollyburn House staff and residents continue to thrive in their renewed space. With the West Vancouver culture and landscape now woven throughout the design, communal areas are a daily draw for residents and families seeking intimate conversations and growing connections.

Library Before | After