Thrive at Montvale

Thrive at Montvale is a clean-sheet design intended to push the limits of how senior living has traditionally been experienced and reconsider how and where neighbors interact in a residential community. As an independent living, assisted living, and memory care community with 203 units and a total of 211,500 square feet, the building has been specifically designed to integrate indoor and outdoor space in a unique way – a model that differentiates it among communities, particularly in the Northeast.

In a time of caution and isolation, the design of Thrive at Montvale promotes an optimistic return of gathering and good company – not only between the residents who live in the community but with the Township of Montvale. Inspiration was taken from the town’s farming roots by incorporating a modern farmhouse design with light-filled spaces. The overall design focuses on optimizing person-environment congruence – meaning that the experience when entering the community is not just welcoming but intriguing, causing a desire to explore the space further. Sightlines offer small glimpses of other spaces, spurring exploration and movement.

Montvale, NJ
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
211,500 SF
Thrive Senior Living, Pike Construction Company, AEW Capital Management
Thrive Senior Living
Reach Architects, HQW Architects
Interior Design Firm:
Pike Construction Company

A warm and welcoming space with high ceilings, a live moss wall, and a fireplace. Floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Social Court bring elements of nature indoors.

With views in all directions, a bar, and wine lockers, Saltbox elevates the dining experience.

Thrive at Montvale reframes the outdoor environment as an active organizer for social interaction instead of the traditional courtyard, which is typically an afterthought in the design process.