vivera Assisted living

Vivera Senior Living of Jeffersonville, Indiana, features 130 apartments elegantly and purposefully designed for seniors aged 65+, offering supportive care and healthy choices that help residents maintain and enhance their overall wellness and addresses the evolving needs of an aging population. This innovative brand and design offers seniors the independence of living alone while granting access to essential and affordable medical and communal resources. The goal is to allow seniors to age gracefully in a beautiful environment, providing the best of both worlds. It provides assisted living with an independent lifestyle, along with personal care and supportive services, allowing seniors an affordable way to age in place in a pleasant environment. Affordability and inclusivity are central to developmentā€™s mission, achieved in part through the Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. This commitment aligns with the goal of providing affordable housing for low-to-moderate income seniors, further emphasizing Vivera’s dedication to inclusivity.

Jeffersonville, IN
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
108,800 SF
Vivera Assisted Living of Jeffersonville, LLC
Priority Life Care, LLC
Studio A Architecture, Inc.
Interior Design Firm:
Details Commercial Group
The Marian Group

The community areas exude a welcoming ambiance that is reminiscent of the single-family homes aesthetic, thanks to the use of materials and finishes commonly found in them. The private rooms boast a sophisticated and understated design that impeccably blends in with any furniture or decor that residents may wish to adorn their living space with.

The Life Enrichment Center goes beyond standard amenities, offering diverse activities that enrich residents’ physical, social, mental, and spiritual well-being, encouraging active and fulfilling lifestyles In addition, location encourages integration with the local neighborhood, granting residents easy access to nearby amenities, fostering community interaction, and nurturing a profound sense of belonging.

Vivera’s architectural philosophy centers on universal accessibility, meticulously crafting every detail to meet the diverse needs of senior residents. This approach creates a welcoming and inclusive environment, enhancing daily lives through thoughtful considerations such as color schemes, lighting, and lush landscaping. The private apartments include a bathroom, kitchenette, spacious living space, and large sunny windows. The architectural design prioritizes wellness, with a 24-hour care staff ensuring a worry-free living environment.

Vivera Assisted Living also features a restaurant-style dining room. The emphasis of the design is to create a pleasing atmosphere.