The Cove at Marsh Landing

West End Interiors is a design firm focusing on senior living design and has been designing new vibrant spaces since 2009. In January 2020, WEI assessed The Cove at Marsh Landing, a senior living community for assisted living and memory care in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Upon its assessment, the Cove had a closed floor plan with dark areas, limited communal spaces, and a divide between the assisted living and memory care communities that lacked a connection to the environment. With endless possibilities, the design team thought of a design that would unify and rejuvenate the space. Inspiration for the design was the coastal charm of the area and a flare of southern style with coastal blues and warm tans. After its renovation, The Cove at Marsh Landing became a thriving community with new spaces that connected residents to nature and each other.

The new layout of the building promoted the connection of people with a variety of amenities such as a new bar area, art room, and library cafe. With the new amenities came new possibilities for residents to enjoy their time in their homes. In addition to the new layout came a stronger connection to the environment through the natural wood look, color palette, and natural light incorporated into the spaces. Because of the amenities and connection to people and nature, the quality of life of each resident, staff member, and visitor that enters the community is enhanced and offers a memorable experience. The WEI design team places people at the center of each design to not only better their surroundings, but also their health and well-being.

What makes the Cove at Marsh Landing stand out from the rest is the utilization of each space to connect people. As seen in recent years, the isolation of people has shown significant health risks. WEI took this opportunity to take action and bring a once-divided community together. One amenity added to this revitalized community was a bar placed in the heart of the building to promote the congregation and socialization of the residents. The bar area also provides a welcoming experience to visitors that takes away the stigma of a care facility. Besides putting the user at the center of the design, WEI makes an emphasis to make each community unique and feel like home to give a sense of place to its occupants. With the person-centered design of the Cove at Marsh Landing, the community was transformed into a posh senior living community with a variety of amenities and connections that grab the attention of each visitor and bring a brighter future to its current and prospective residents.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Date of Completion:
Project Size (Sq. ft)
35,000 SF

Exterior Before | After

Longview Senior Housing
SRI Management
Interior Design Firm:
West End Interiors
Englewood Commercial Construction

Common Rooms Before | After

Inspiration for the design was the coastal charm of the area and a flare of southern style with coastal blues and warm tans.

The temperate California climate also encourages an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, inspiring our members to enjoy
outdoor dining and lounging next to the fireplace in our courtyard.

Amenities Before | After

The community’s integrated features are natural lighting, connection to nature, a sense of place, well-being, and wayfinding.

Designed to offer each member an elevated and engaged life, including the Elegant Palmer Library and Lobby.

The amenities brought to the community were a bar lounge, activity room, a library café, theatre, and game room.

Dining Before | After